Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exemplary Teacher Award

I'm commandeering this blog in honor of my momma. She would never post this, but she deserves her moment in the spotlight.

Congratulations on your Exemplary Teacher Award!!

This morning the principal, Dr. Gardner and a gentleman from the District Office came into her classroom and ask for a moment with the students.  The principal explained they were here to honor their teacher.  She had received the Exemplary Teacher Award.  Dr. Gardner had submitted her name for consideration.  She got a certificate and a gift certificate to a Brazilian restaurant.

Congrats again Mom. We're proud of you. No one doubts you deserve this award. You've worked hard teaching lots of kids and have made a difference in not only your school kids lives, but your family's lives as well.


Friday, December 26, 2008

We have had a crazy, hetic December preparing for the holiday season. We have also taken time to enjoy some of the programs offered around the valley. We attended the Forgotten Carols, Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Program, Varian's Santa Party with the grandkids and Varian's Manager Christmas party. We hope this holiday season brings much happiness to you and your families. We have been blessed this year and are thrilled with Kandice and Tim and our sweet granndsons returning to Utah from Maryland. Hopefully, we'll find more time in the New Year to keep this blog thing updated.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fallows Family Reunion
Aug. 8 & 9 Downey, ID

Tents, trailers were set up to make our temporary homes for a few days.

Old, young and younger were in attendance. These babies are the newest great-grandchildren born in June and July and joined by Tyler in May and the arrival of another in October.

Ida, Larry and Hollie--Ray's sisters and brother.

Kelliann represented our family in the grandchildren catagory.

Sat. afternoon activities consisted of arts and crafts for the great-grandchildren, . . .

relaxing at the gun range, . . .

to shooting at clay pigeons (ocasionally hitting one every now and again), . . .

to trying out Lary's arterial weapon, . . .

to 4-wheeling, . . .

and giving Jeff his first ride on a wheeler. HE LOVED IT !!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

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4th of July in Maryland

What a BLAST !!! It's always fun to be with family for the holidays. Tim did a great job with the BBQ and Kandice with all the yummy trimmings. Tim enjoyed the dinner with a box of crabs that he shared with his brother, Matt and Laura (Matt's friend). The rest of us like the taste of crab meat, but are not interested in working that hard to get passed the "insides" for a little taste of meat! Must be an East Coast thing! Jackson enjoyed the pool, running around and yet not too sure of the fireworks that Tim demonstrated for him. Tyler mostly slept and didn't seem to concerned about the days' events. We watched it rain, the music program from The Mall and the BIG Fireworks display from the TV screen. Beats the crowds, metro ride. . . always better to have a comfy seat at home. We finish out this week in South Carolina and then we are headed home!
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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baseball and Fireworks

Tuesday evening we went to the River Dogs baseball game. The team is Class A affiliated with the New York Yankees and they played at the stadium called "The Joe".

This was Ray's action shot. He loved the play and the runner was safe.

We imposed on a nearby fan to take our picture. We had great seats--just to the right of home plate on row 7. You could see every pitch, no sun in our eyes and the fireworks were right in front of us. Not too bad for getting online on Monday to buy tickets.

The weather was so great that it was hard to imagine they could really have conditions like this. Since we arrived in SC, it has been in the low 90's, humidity the same and rain. Tues. was 90, breeze blowing, humidity down in the 60's, and beautiful sunset.

The fireworks were set to great American music and as always lots of fun to watch.

We are headed to Kandice's Thurs. morning for the July 4th weekend. We hope you all have a great holiday and I'm sure we'll be sharing grandkids' pictures of the weekend.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Piecin' My Time

I took several projects with me to South Carolina and everyday I accomplish something other than cooking, washing and ironing. Ray comes back to the hotel for lunch so we get to see each during the day and visit for a while. Some of those precious moments we don't get enough of! I decided to make our grandson, Jackson, a quilt for his bed. Several weeks ago I bought this cute fabric, got Ann to help me with an idea, packed it up in my suitcase and went to work in South Carolina. I bought myself a computer sewing machine and have managed to keep my self entertained. Now it goes back in the suitcase and I will machine quilt it when I get home! I hope Jackson loves it as much as I loved making it for him. What grandparents don't do for their grandchildren.