Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Exemplary Teacher Award

I'm commandeering this blog in honor of my momma. She would never post this, but she deserves her moment in the spotlight.

Congratulations on your Exemplary Teacher Award!!

This morning the principal, Dr. Gardner and a gentleman from the District Office came into her classroom and ask for a moment with the students.  The principal explained they were here to honor their teacher.  She had received the Exemplary Teacher Award.  Dr. Gardner had submitted her name for consideration.  She got a certificate and a gift certificate to a Brazilian restaurant.

Congrats again Mom. We're proud of you. No one doubts you deserve this award. You've worked hard teaching lots of kids and have made a difference in not only your school kids lives, but your family's lives as well.



jon and whit said...

CONGRATS!!! that's awesome!

Angi said...

Wow, that is super, way to go! You deserve it.

hollie said...


marie said...

Good Job!!!You are Awesome!!:)

Richard and Teona said...

YEAH!!! it's about time!! we are proud of you! you are the BEST!! sister and teacher! Loves

Mother Lori said...

Hey sorry that i am little slow, i just barely saw this blog, congratulations on your great honor, you certainly deserve it!!